Awakenings 2006 volume 2.5 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2006 volume 2.5

10 tracks

Running time: 1:16:55
Released: 12/2007

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  01   (HyperEx Machina) The Rapture - 6:20
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  02   (Astrogator) Astral Drift - 4:55
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  03   (Nick Robinson) Fur Herr Forcher - 7:18
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  04   (Mooch) Out There - 8:18
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  05   (Russell Storey) Xpanded Heartbeat - 6:16
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  06   (Ramp) Scissors (edit) - 7:46
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  07   (Zen Paradox) Calvin Analysis - 16:40
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  08   (4m33s) Darkness is Falling - 8:37
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  09   (Phrozenlight) Passion - 5:11
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  10   (Chaos Research) Our Eyes Fixed - 5:34
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Released at the same time as 2006 volume 2, this album comprises mainly Ambient tracks, in a continuous mix, providing a deep drifting ambient experience.
Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Russell Storey

Review by David Law

There was so much material submitted for volume 2 of this series that they couldn't fit it all on the planned two CD set. They therefore decided to take all the more 'ambient' tracks to one side and place them on an album of their own. What's more they are all cross-faded together to make one continuous 77-minute piece! The results are reviewing here.

'The Rapture' by HyperEx Machina mixes mournful dronal backing with equally melancholy piano detail. The combination of sounds chosen are excellent and it serves as an impressive opening section. We float into 'Astral Drift' by Astrogator and the mood lightens slightly. It is like looking out from a cliff top with the wind blowing in your hair- the aftermath of some storm perhaps.

The looped plucked strings of Nick Robinson are next. 'Fur Herr Forcher' certainly sounded experimental and rather intriguing but for me not an easy listen. 'Out There 2' by Mooch is full of manipulated cosmic sounds that really get you appropriately 'well out there man'. In the last few minutes there is even a hint of subtle melody. It is as if familiar sights are being seen again after a long time away from home. Very impressive indeed.

Russell Storey gives us 'Xpanded Heartbeat' and as expected hangs around a pulse. It seems to be racing though as if after some great exertion. Ramp are probably the 'biggest' name on this album and I was expecting (given their current output) something very dark indeed but instead we get 'Scissors', quite a syncopated number but tremendously subtle with a gorgeous little melodic motif hanging in the middle a mix also containing restrained contemporary rhythms. It is a superb track that wouldn't have been out of place on Ian Boddy's DiN label.

Zen Paradox's 'Calvin Analysis' is another track that is far from just giving us drift. A rapidly changing high
register (but also quite quiet) sequence morphs madly all over the place and is soon joined by another pulsating line. They swirl around each other, coming and going, creating quite a mesmerizing brew. In the fourth minute a rhythm joins them increasing the complexity of proceedings still further. Personally this is not what I think of as 'ambient' music at all but a fascinating track nevertheless.

'Darkness is Falling' by 4m33s is much more what I would expect. Mournful, windy drones hang in the air like spectres from the abyss. Clusters of notes come from time to time hinting that there is also something else out there. A slow pulse starts up and the feel is now a little lighter and more optimistic. It is all change again a couple of minutes later as the spectres return.

'Passion' by Phrozenlight is one seriously spooky five minutes of vast echoing and rumbling dark sonic emissions. We finish with the humorously titled (well I found it funny!) 'Our Eyes Fixed Forwards We March Towards the Impending Doom' by Chaos Research. Vast metallic / crystalline tones shimmer like rays of light refracting through sheets of ice. These mix first with deeper drones then vast rumbles as if the very earth itself is convulsing. A curious quirky rhythm strikes up combining a deep bass drum and what sounded like vibes so containing elements of both light and dark-. Strange indeed.

This is an album which contains much more than just 'Deep Ambient Drift. Sure it isn't as energetic as Volume 2 but still had enough going on to hold my attention and those more abstract moments were very well done as well. The cross fading between the tracks and running order were also superbly handled.


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Continuous Mix

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