Berlin Nightlife by Frank Klare

Frank Klare

Berlin Nightlife

9 tracks

Running time: 1:15:33
Released: 12/2004

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  01   Matrix: Out Of Time - 4:15
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  02   WMF: Morphing Energy - 7:30
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  03   Tempodrom: Berlin Bells - 10:45
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  04   Icon: Evolution - 6:12
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  05   Kit Kat Club: Metallic Men - 5:45
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  06   Oxymoron: Moogie Boogie - 7:00
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  07   SO 36: Twilight Scene - 4:03
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  08   Sky Club: Ambience - 12:28
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  09   Dorian Gray: Sissi D's Inspired Piece - 17:35
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SynGate CD-R FK05

Frank's Berlin fixation continues a pace with 'Berlin Nightlife'. Using some of the cities nightclub names as track titles, creating some sort of conceptual cohesion, Frank has pulled together another set of private pieces,( as he calls them) to generate an album which if nothing else artistically twins the 'Berlin Parks' release. Those of you that know Franks music will have already guessed that this is going to be somewhat of a sequencer fest, (very little if anything to do with Nightclubs or the music played therein), so let's see what he's come up with this time around for our mutual entertainment.
'Matrix: Out of Time' is the first short piece on the album. With its ambient edge providing us with a drifting chord structure and something slightly different to the following, 'WMF: Morphing Energy'. This gets us right back into Frank Klare sequencing mode. With those virtual analogue synths ticking away, this is a track of pure polysequencing from start to finish. It's a tasty little number, but there's nothing in there that has the Frank Klare stamp on it.
'Tempodrom: Berlin Bells', is one of the albums longer pieces and straight away we are presented with a classy piece of electronica. The sequencers drift in with an air of mystery and suspense. The mood is held perfectly, a single broken chord keeping everything in check, mesmerising stuff. At 10.45mins it's over all too soon. Highlight of the album? Well, maybe. Nice one Frank!!!
'Icon: Evolution' and we're straight into Haslinger period TD with this and the following track, 'Kit Kat Club: Metallic men' in a rather pacey, percussive sort of way. The influence here is rather transparent, but for fans of that particular style who really cares!!!
'Oxymoron: Moogie Boogie'……is it me, or are these titles getting worse? Wall to wall arpeggiations here. I was trying to think of a point of reference with this one think Froeses, 'Pinnacles'/ 'Kamikaze' with their short sharp sequencer patterns.
Track 7, 'SO 36: Twilight Scene' - one thing it didn't evoke for me was just that, a twilight scene. Alittle menacing is this one, but is basically a percussive/synth loop around which any improvisation is performed using more percussive sounds. An unusual little experiment given the nature of the rest of the album.
'Sky Club: Ambience' rolls in at a leisurely pace plodding along as it does for the next 12.28 minutes, it's duration allowing for developments along the way, but nothing out of the ordinary really.
Frank saves the best 'til last with the 17.35 minute track 9, 'Dorian Gray: Sissi D's Inspired Piece'. This is Schulze inspired all the way, though it's difficult to pick out any one album l could liken it to. Frank throws in all sorts of twists and turns along the way with this one. Swirling phased pads, hypnotic sequences that come and go, stop and start, random triggered arpeggiations, shifting bass lines, synthetic choirs and percussion are all put out into the field of play here. This track, dare l say it, has everything you could possibly wish for appertaining to this style of sequencer lead music. Though this is the longest track on the album I'm quite sure that Mr. Klare could have taken the idea's presented and gone on for another good twenty minutes or more and still made the piece a resounding success. The music flows with a real sense of purpose. It's alittle more retro than the rest of the album, but isn't that what we all want from our sequencer hero's these days? (B22)