Awakenings 2006 volume 1 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2006 volume 1

18 tracks

Running time: 2:36:24
Released: 12/2007

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  01   CD1 (Chaos Research) Maametalli - 8:29
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  02   CD1 (Modulator ESP) Gynomatik - 7:00
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  03   CD1 (Skin Mechanix) Dimension Jump (live at Awakenings) - 8:27
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  04   CD1 (The Glimmer Room) One Room Flat (live at Awakenings) - 6:12
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  05   CD1 (Ramp) Ozone (excerpt) - 4:23
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  06   CD1 (Cult of Ashand) A Call to Arms - 5:49
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  07   CD1 (Create) Lost Dreams - 7:16
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  08   CD1 (The Omega Syndicate) Out of Hibernation - 14:09
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  09   CD1 (Awen) Good Wolf - 5:24
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  10   CD1 (Gert Emmens) Rendezvous with 2004 MN4 (Live at E-Live) - 11:31
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  11   CD2 (Rogue Element) Space Junk - 14:40
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  12   CD2 (Nick Robinson) Spring - 5:50
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  13   CD2 (Starseed Transmission) Live in Melbourne (part 2) - 6:09
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  14   CD2 (Rene van der Wouden) Blue Traveller - 9:10
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  15   CD2 (HyperEx Machina) Icethrone - 11:01
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  16   CD2 (Astrogator) Standing Waves (live at Awakenings) - 16:28
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  17   CD2 (Glenn Alexander) Alien Landscapes (part 1) - 12:26
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  18   CD2 A Minutes Silence for Bob Moog - 2:00

More Info

As the title suggests, this was originally released in 2006. Again this is a double album for the price of a single.
Featuring tracks by many artists including ...
Gert Emmens
Rogue Element
Skin Mechanix
The Omega Syndicate

Review by David Law

The opener 'Maametalli' by Chaos Research certainly covers a lot of ground. Peaceful shimmering tones develop an oriental / classical feel then we move on to a melodic sequencer line. Overall the track is gently rhythmic with many a twist and turn.

Modulator ESP donates 'Gynomatik', a slowly bubbling sequencer based number mixed with metallic tones. The first of the bigger names, Skin Mechanix, are represented by a live version of 'Dimension Jump'. The sequences and Arc-ish rhythm burst into life along with a bass beat. As with the studio version the foot is full down on the accelerator and its impossible to keep the body still but the live setting gives it more of a fun feel. The leads, if anything, have greater bite here than on the riginal.

Another of the more known names is The Glimmer Room who give us the previously unreleased 'One Room Flat'. After a spoken intro we get a series of stunningly beautiful melodies accompanied by sedate put perfectly placed rhythms. It is a track that would have been very much at home as part of his classic 'Grey Mirrors'. Simply wonderful.

Ramp's fantastic 'Ozone' is from their latest album 'Oughtibridge'. It has a tremendously powerful feel but with an evil twist. There is a growl to the pulsations and depth that will shake the floor. Another sequence joins the first, as do fascinating little melodies that at one moment seem quite bright but then morph to a more ominous refrain. Sonic growls add to proceedings almost sounding like distorted laser fire, as if heard from a great distance. Another sequence is hurled into the pot fizzing with pent up energy taking things to almost apocalyptic proportions then there is a steady stripping back as a tinkling sequence, like a warning beacon, becomes the main feature.

'A Call to Arms' by Cult of Ashand is a slow relaxed track, subtly melodic but also with an excellent atmosphere. At around the half way mark a guitar enters to give extra bite and we get a rhythmic flourish to finish.

'Lost Dreams' by Create is a rather sedate track beginning with melodic echoing tones. Mellotron takes over then a shuffling rhythm. A jaunty tinkling sequence is next up, mingling nicely with more tron.

The Omega Syndicate are always entertaining and they donate yet another new track 'Out of Hibernation'. A superb sequence slowly emerges through reverberating sonic growls- and what a superb one it is too, the best on this two CD set. Some lovely little melodic motifs add another lovely element until the lead line proper raises its head- and very effective it is too. More sequences are added as the music continues its spellbinding, hypnotic build.

'Good Wolf' by Awen starts off superbly with infectious rhythms and anthemic melodies. A bit like T Bass (UK), but then I thought it fell apart a little around the half way mark which is a real shame as it showed great promise. Gert Emmens' 'Rendezvous with 2004 MN4' rounds off the first disc. In the third minute a pleasant melodic sequence emerges through brooding atmospherics. Another sequence and rhythm are added and we are soon moving along at a nice steady pace with dreamy lead lines floating over the top, ideal driving music for a summer day.

Disc two gets off to a fantastic start with 'Space Junk' by Rogue Element. A slow sequence provides a little structure around which spooky effects come and go. The sequence departs and mellotron choir becomes the main feature taking us to a classic TD, mid 70s sounding, atmospheric section. A bit too close for comfort maybe but so wonderfully done. With five minutes to go metallic clangs herald another sequence. This one has much more substance than the first, rumbling along nicely and combining excellently with a splashing one as it slowly moves into formation.

'Spring' by Nick Robinson was pleasant enough but not really my thing so probably best left to another reviewer. Starseed Transmission give us 'Live in Melbourne (part 2)', a curious mix of sequencer line and more contemporary clicking stabs- the sort of thing I would expect from Surface 10. Rene van der Wouden's 'Blue Traveller' is a laid back relaxing meditative number until the fifth minute when a high register sequence then rhythm comes in- not bad but just a tad too plodding maybe.

'Icethrone' by HyperEx Machina is a very pleasant crystalline tinkling atmospherics track ideal for chilling out to (no pun intended- honest!). Astrogator come up with the longest track on this double album with the 16 minute 'Standing Waves'. It begins with windy sounds accompanied by electronic twitters and effects. In other words a fairly standard intro but effective and very pleasing nevertheless. A slow pulse can be heard low in the mix. Some nice relaxing string sounds are added then in the fourth minute a sequence starts to form but it isn't for another four minutes that it develops into something of any substance and it is around the same time that a second sequence is brought in and it is here that things start to become a little more interesting. It's OK I suppose but didn't really grab me as much as their debut album. The last proper track is 'Alien Landscapes Part 1' by Glen Alexander and a very enjoyable piece of music it too with some excellent foot tapping rhythms, first class melodies and blistering solos. It's sort of like a cross between Synergy, The Nightcrawlers, Stephan Whitlan and 80s Ian Boddy! One of the best tracks on the album.


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