Who Goes There by Alien Nature

Alien Nature

Who Goes There

6 tracks

Running time: 1:16:54
Released: 12/2012

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  01   Mindbridge - 15:52
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  02   Patterns of Chaos - 11:10
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  03   Tomorrows Children - 10:23
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  04   The Radiant Dome - 18:08
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  05   Galactic Corridors - 12:11
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  06   Torrent of Faces - 9:10
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SynGate CD-R AN06

"Who Goes There?" is a kind of reminiscence about Space Art. Each single track refers to book titles from Science Fiction authors. The title track "Who Goes There?" is an original title of the novella that was taken as the base for the movie "The Thing" (1951 Christian Nyby and 1982 John Carpenter).
The single tracks are food for thoughts about space ships, robots and space stations as well as stories about Science Fiction in common.