The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees by The Glimmer Room

The Glimmer Room

The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees

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Running time: 0:49:28
Released: 12/2012

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  01   The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees - 49:28
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The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees is the new album from The Glimmer Room.
A single 49 minute retrospective piece, mixing the elements of field recording, ambient soundscapes and delicate melody.

“Almost a year in the making The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees is a very personal piece. Last October I had a bit of a 'moment' and realised at 43 years of age I could well be half way through my time here, all being well. This is the soundtrack of that realisation and the moment you stop and look back at your life for a moment before heading off down the hill.
Like a lot of my albums before it is best enjoyed as a single piece and in a quiet room.
To say I am proud of this work is a massive understatement never before have I put so much of myself into a composition and the results have taken me totally by surprise to be honest.”
Andy Condon Nov 2012

Comments so far include….

“Just to let you know the more I listen to this album, the more I like it. Definitely your best since Grey Mirrors, just really beautiful stuff.”

“I've spoke of this magic and melancholy in your music since first hearing Grey Mirrors. Every album since has been a deep and spiritual journey for me. God bless you and your amazing gift, Andy.”

“Just listening to the new album. With each Glimmer Room release you raise the bar just that little bit higher. You've made an album of real haunted beauty and heartfelt emotion tinged with melancholy. The sentiments behind the album really come through in the music. I can really feel that plaintive sense of yearning for lost years and that deep sense of introspection and taking stock of how far you've traveled on life's journey and how far you have left to go. Deeply personal to you yet it taps into inner feelings/fears/fond memories that are shared by all of us. Rain drenched, cold autumn mornings have never sounded so good.”