Time Will Never Be The Same by Syndromeda


Time Will Never Be The Same

7 tracks

Running time: 1:15:26
Released: 11/2012

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  01   Glad They Finally Arrived - 9:56
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  02   On And On - 12:32
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  03   Iceland Memories - 14:02
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  04   Homeless - 11:11
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  05   Boiled Brain - 11:45
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  06   Back To The Tribe - 9:00
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  07   With A Sparkle Of Light (with Papajeahja) - 7:00
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SynGate CD-R SS14

Syndromeda`s Album "Time Will Never Be The Same" resultet from impressiones during his journeys in the Arctic (Iceland, Lofoten and Spitsbergen). Such landscapes under the spell of the polar circle keep part of ones personality once you have experienced it so close and dense. The vastness of those ice worlds, stony, rocky and barren islands withe their brittle and untouched beauty will never let you go anymore in your lifetime. The time after will never be the same as the time before. This is, what the album tries to tell through its musical landscapes. An opus for headphones and readiness for inner journeys.