Art of Sacrifice by dbkaos


Art of Sacrifice

6 tracks

Running time: 1:07:08
Released: 07/2003

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  01   Stars Look Down - 15:40
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  02   Mirror 2 Level 4 - 7:02
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  03   After the Migration - 11:02
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  04   Endelyon Alpha - 14:02
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  05   Hydrosphere - 7:28
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  06   Art of Sacrifice - 11:54
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Art of Sacrifice is the debut album by dbkaos. Based in the South-West of England, Dave Hickman, the man behind dbkaos, has had several years experience programming synths and effects for the thirteen sample CD's he's had released by Zero-G (the UK's leading sample CD producer). This pedigree has enabled him to compose Art of Sacrifice, a well crafted vision into the future of synthesis. Using a MAC computer as the main sound source with external audio contributions from a VCS3, Supernova II and of course access to his vast library of samples, the six tracks display a real sonic depth.

Whilst it might be assumed that such music would be routed firmly in the studio environment Hickman has in fact been actively pursuing a live performance path . Indeed dbkaos has started to build an excellent live reputation having performed several gigs in the burgeoning concert scene in the South-West of England. These include a support slot for System 7 promoted by The Future Sound of Exeter at the Phoenix Theatre in Exeter. Future events include a live set at the chillout zone at this years Midsummernight's Festival in Exeter where Art of Sacrifice will be officially launched followed by a support slot for a Hawkwind / Arthur Brown gig on the main stage at the Phoenix Center in Exeter on 25th October.

Musically Art of Sacrifice slots nicely into the DiN pantheon whilst retaining it's own individual character. Lush, ambient textures are overtaken by frenetic, complex sequencers. Trance like percussive sections give way to surrealistic, dream-like passages. The overall album has a real feeling of a journey although it's source and destination are ambivalent enough to allow the listener to formulate their own path. As such Art of Sacrifice perfectly crystallises one of the main aims of DiN to bridge the gap between electronic musics analogue ancestry with cutting edge digital soundscapes.

Dave Hickman : Apple G4 + iBook G3
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum + EXS24 + ES1
Natiive Instruments Reaktor + Traktor DJ Studio
Novation Sypernova II
Casio MIDI Guitar
E Bow
Korg Kaoss Pad 2

All tracks composed, played and produced by Dave Hickman.
Recorded and mixed at Blueomni, Cornwall, 2003

Artwork : Michael Peters
Design :

Review in Modern Dance

You just know don't you when your really gonna enjoy a track on a CD by only listening to the opening bars. Well here on the Star Look Down, a masterful ambient performance of hypnotic beauty has been assembled which must surely be accepted by those among you who enjoy their music: the gentle ambiences naturally haunt the mind. Casting aside the floppy notes and wallowing sounds here you'll find a tightly structured lesson in how to make quarter of an hour seem like only three and a half minutes. It develops in an exemplary manner and half way through the low notes could rattle your ribcage. It's all the work of Dave Hickman who recorded and mixed the six tracks at Blueomni in Cornwall. The second track, Mirror 2 Level 4 is more unsettling in nature with it's slightly off key bell sounds that give a distinct Japanese flavour. Perhaps the sequenced After The Migration, with its Tangerine Dream inspired structure will please many, yet dbkaos is no copycat as you will notice whilst listening to this ten minutes section. The next piece is more introspective and there is a feeling that its all about textures, but Endelyon Alpha proves us wrong as it develops into another wonderful lesson in how to make instrumental music fascinating. As you would expect from the title, Hydrosphere contains a deep ocean of sound and is not scary in any sense. The title track in comparison is very scary and profoundly menacing. There's no sacrifice to be made listening to this CD, rather the exact opposite. Lovers of ambient music take note, don't miss an opportunity to show off this CD to your friends. (Philly)