Steel Dream by Noise Kommandoh

Noise Kommandoh

Steel Dream

3 tracks

Running time: 1:08:32
Released: 06/2012

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  01   Steel Wind - 17:12
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  02   Solid Steel - 20:20
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  03   Steel Dream - 31:00
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Ambient soundscapes give way to industrial clangs and bangs,
eventually a beat will come in, driving the whole thing forwards.

Continuing the “Steel Trilogy” this is the second album.
Recorded at Rue Artan, Brussels, and mixed in the Dog Kennel studio.
Track 1 is a classic ‘clangs and bangs’ track.
Track 2 is a bit of a keyboard wig-out.
Track 3 is an astonishing ambient soundscape lasting over half an hour.

Tracks ...
1. Steel Wind 17:12
2. Solid Steel 20:20
3. Steel Dream 31:00