Transfiguration by Javi Canovas

Javi Canovas


5 tracks

Running time: 1:12:20
Released: 04/2012

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  01   Hypnosis Room - 14:01
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  02   Transfiguration - 15:20
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  03   Way To Unknown Place - 14:00
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  04   The Slot - 17:04
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  05   Projection - 11:55
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'Hypnosis Room' starts with shimmering metallic drones giving it quite a spaced out feel. The first sequence materializes in the third minute and you know straight away that this is going to be another Berlin School masterpiece. It’s all deep and thunderous. A second more melodic sequence morphs this way and that whilst the first continues to make the ground shake. Then just to stamp the mid 70s credentials even more firmly onto the music a haunting mellotron rises through the pulsating brew. Things become even more exciting as a third sequence falls into formation. How can it possibly get better than that? The title track starts as if we are hearing some fizzing, throbbing machine. Little note runs skip above it all like stones over water before one after another submerging under the lake surface. Then in comes the most immense sequence and lead combination that reminded me a little of one of the tracks off Edgar Froese ‘Pinnacles’ but with a bit more of a snarl. Again the excitement builds and builds as more melodic detail is added subtly to the mix while the sequences once again go completely ape. ‘Way to Unknown Place’ has a rather spooky start, very atmospheric but also a little disturbing. The sequence emerges suddenly without warning. It is very rapid but also has a sort of mean unstoppable menace to it. A lead line like laser fire flashes from the speakers then a more melodic sequence seems to come in to do battle with the first. Initially it just seems too ‘nice’ to cause any worry to the dark side but it builds quickly to full fighting force as both lines meld together to form one mesmerizing pulsating wall of sound, each losing its identity (unless you concentrate very closely). More sequences seem to enter but I don’t really want to analyse it any more, it is much easier to let the wonderful wall of sound fall over you. To start off with ‘The Slot’ makes it sound like we are in the middle of a swarm of very angry wasps. As with all the tracks here a sequence soon becomes a prominent feature, a lovely analogue sounding lead combining with it perfectly. Compared to what has gone on with previous tracks this really is quite a calm section but then that sequence dies away and is replaced by another of the distinctly ball breaking variety. A searing lead solo that would be just brilliant if played live scorches a flaming path through the air and the sequence becomes even more intense in reply. Yet more sequences are added and I’m simply once more in Berlin School paradise. ‘Projection’ continues with blistering full on sequencing soothed by tranquil tron. Yet more and more lines of pulsations once again increase the excitement. Is this amount of gratuitous sequencing really legal? Surely nothing this exciting should be! Another wonderful track to finish an album I simply couldn’t fault. The only real problem is trying to come down again after listening to it. DL