Landscape by Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer


4 tracks

Running time: 0:43:02
Released: 05/2011

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  01   Landscape Sea - 10:42
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  02   Landscape Woods - 10:13

  03   Landscape Water - 11:26
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  04   Landscape Mountains - 10:41

More Info

"Landscape" is a new solo release from Steve Palmer, this one consisting of 4 tracks that paint a musical picture of different aspects of Wales' landscape - Sea, Woods, Water, Mountains. With "Landscape," Steve has created a symphony for orchestra, piano and acoustic guitar. The music and melodies are pleasant throughout, and Steve proves himself to be quite the composer and maestro. I found all four tracks enjoyable, and there is a central musical theme that continually returns, though in terms of execution and sheer emotional impact Water is the strongest track. Overall I found "Landscape" to be an enjoyable listen and Steve never ceases to impress me…" (Aural Innovations)