Drones by Leonardo Soundweaver

Leonardo Soundweaver


4 tracks

Running time: 0:48:17
Released: 01/2012

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  01   Chief Seattle - 11:07
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  02   1972 - 11:16
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  03   Movement without Moving - 10:44
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  04   Whenever was Now - 15:10
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More Info

Drones has four long tracks with lot's of improvised electric and glissando guitar! Starting point for each song was a drone, a small programmed sequence or arpeggio, giving it a steady forward movement. Several organs and synthesizers were played live along with that. Now I had a nice flowing DroneScape. Next step was to plug in my guitar, tune and play.

Drones is a relatively rough album in the sense that it was done quickly and with just a tiny bit of editing afterwards.