Tropospheric by Visible Breath

Visible Breath


8 tracks

Running time: 0:57:37
Released: 01/2011

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  01   Invisible Spirals - 5:52
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  02   Electric Anvil - 13:04
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  03   The Sound of Midnight Fog - 4:08
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  04   Vortex on the Highway - 5:40
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  05   Core of the Jet - 7:49
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  06   Heavy Sodium Sky - 12:51
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  07   Afterstorm - 2:58
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  08   Cirrus Radiatus - 5:15
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More Info

It is always the special moments listening to an album for the first time and being transferred into an other time. That happened to me a few months ago when I received the album “Tropospheric”. I wanted to listen to it as usual alongside my daily work. It was difficult to concentrate as my ears listened excitedly to the familiar sounds of past days. Soft, hypnotic sequences, pianos, e-guitars, floating scapes, Tubular bells, what else could I ask for… However, the compositions were arranged so affectionately and the sound so “beautiful” that I knew immediately: This is something special. In January 2011 now this album with the title “Tropospheric” will be released. Withal the year of birth 1958 of the musician Paul Jaffrey from UK, the artist behind “Visible Breath”, reveals, that this is no music from a tin but honest electronic music that does not deny any of its inventors. Get it and the journey through time will start!