We Are Nightingales by Jim Kirkwood

Jim Kirkwood

We Are Nightingales

3 tracks

Running time: 1:02:39
Released: 11/2007

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  01   Touching the Arc - 34:27
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  02   The Illusion of the World - 10:18
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  03   Speaking in Tongues - 17:54
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"We Are Nightingales, Caught in a Maelstrom of Chaos" If you can speak in the tongue of Nightingales you will be able to converse with Angelic powers and Serpents, the present rulers of this world, or so they say. They are the children of the Anunnaki, the unseen movers in the political and religious world. People have given them many names. The Dracon or the Puzzle Masters are two of them. The question is, in an age when our so called leaders seem to be following an agenda other than serving the best interest of the people, who can you trust?
Trust no one. especially someone with a confession to make. I love conspiracy theories. They amuse you. Make you angry. They can be unbelievably tragic, especially for those poor souls caught up in them. But you know, the best thing about conspiracy theories is that they are never truly resolved. They remain a mystery and we all love a good mystery. Curiosity may have killed the cat but human beings thrive on it. I mean, here's one for you. The Arc of the Covenant is being transported by the Israelites on the back of a cart pulled by oxen. Their enemies, and God's enemies too apparently, had somehow managed to capture it but gave it back after a while because it caused a severe outbreak of cancerous growths after they had opened it. Obviously curiosity didn't do them any favours in this instance. Exactly why the Israelites would want it back is a mystery in itself. Anyway, this is a sacred object and the ordinary people are not allowed to touch it. They keep their distance, rejoicing at its return. One wonders how they conveniently "lost" it in the first place and if the rejoicing wasn't a tad orchestrated. Then something dreadful happens. The cart lurches to one side and the Arc begins to slide from its mount. An innocent bystander, only one out of the crowds, There is always one, I wonder if he had a double surname, rushes forward to save the Arc from ruin. What happens? God strikes him dead. A bit mean don't you think? Then again, the God of the Old Testament was always vindictive. No, let me rephrase that, completely psychopathic. Richard Dawkins describes him thus. "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all of fiction. Jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic-cleanser; a misogynistic homophobic racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal ..." Yeah, sounds about right.
So, fast forward two and a half thousand years or so and this God is still here. Now he is worshipped by Muslims and fundamentalist Christians as well as Jews. And his priests and preachers are more fanatical than ever. They will Kill for God. Die for God. And receive a welcome in Heaven afterwards. I suppose the incentive of a palace full of virgins might persuade the young men. You don't hear of many older men going for the deal though do you? If it was me I think I might hang out (sorry, bad pun unintentional) for a palace full of experienced women! The destruction of the Twin Towers has opened up a whole can of conspiracy worms. Let's face it, the story the authorities came up with was so full of holes you could use it as a sieve. There are patterns here. Time repeating itself. One thing has not really changed though. The nature of God. It doesn't matter how they dress him up, the Emperor is still wearing the same virtual reality clothes. Maybe that is why he moves in mysterious ways. And we do like a good mystery. Trust no one. Especially those who like to hear confessions.

The following is a review by SMD

A really deep bass drone gets 'Touching the Arc' off to a rumbling start. Softer sounds sigh over the top but then more ominous metallic effects darken the mood. A subtle Arabic sounding melody drifts through the air. A sudden crash fades away as a slow sequence starts to form in its decay. The initial melody vanishes and shortly after a rapid second sequence picks up the pace. It seemed powerful enough initially but then suddenly shifts up a further gear and we are soon hurtling along- this is first-rate stuff. The initial sequence morphs and things become increasingly complex as the unyielding wall of pulsations blast their devastating path. Things subside to brooding atmospherics in the fourteen minute but there is still loads going on, including sounds as if someone is moving heavy objects and drones of a faintly vocal nature. We now get sampled text about various things including unsavoury activities in the dark; the Da Vinci Code and Agnus Dei. A twangy melodic bass line materialises and a fresh splashing sequence weaves around it creating a lovely subtle head-nodding groove, fresh lead lines really hitting the spot. Things descend to atmospherics once more through which a slow rhythm, new lead and gentle sequence create a peaceful mood. This is shattered as a new sequence blasts forward taking us almost to the end. Heavily processed metallic clangs with a very long decay provide a curious starts to 'The Illusion of the World'. A quirky melody emphasises the rather unusual opening. It all seems to come into context and make more sense when the sequences arrive however. Some nice string pads add a little softness. 'Speaking in Tongues' is more standard Kirkwood material as a slow moody double bass refrain drifts over an eerie backing. Peaceful Gregorian chants waft through the air. Just when I was completely relaxed in comes a crashing stabbing lead which is juxtapositioned masterfully by much softer pads and melodies. Exquisite stuff. In the fifth minute all is change as rhythm departs to be replaced by a truly awesome sequence spewing notes at one hundred miles an hour, accompanied by a laser sharp lead- a combination that has Jim's classic signature all over it. The excitement builds as more devastating lead flourishes are let fly. There is still light and shade here though as the various elements come and go, sometimes stripping down to relative calm and sometimes all surging at once. A particularly awesome lead line enters in the last few minutes. What a track! What a way to finish! (DL)