Manipulator by AntiMatterMan



13 tracks

Running time: 1:04:26
Released: 11/2007

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  01   I Have Seen The Future (City Beat Mix) - 4:47
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  02   AntiMatterMan - 4:55
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  03   Manipulator (Video Mix) - 3:06
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  04   H8ER - 3:49
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  05   I Have Seen The Future - 4:48
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  06   Twisted Science - 5:19
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  07   Infestation - 3:49
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  08   Embrace The Dark - 5:14
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  09   Twisted Science (E-People Mix) - 6:57
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  10   The Unknown - 4:06
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  11   I Have Seen The Future (2001 Mix) - 6:05
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  12   OOBE - 6:45
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  13   Unit 4 - 4:46
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More Info

Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

AntiMatterMan's debut album on Earth Academy Records features furious techno-trance beats spliced with metallic industrial chrome, and experimental ambient noise, voiced by the androgynous robotic tones of AntiMatterMan himself. This is a hardcore cybernetic experience, with an underlying Terminator style atmosphere, and futuristic landscapes. Definitely one for the Cyber-Goths and CyberDog crowd. Get out your glo-sticks and pump action droids.

Sometimes I ask myself:
Have we ever been human?
Do we have a soul that needs a body?
Do we finally need a body?
Aren't we just biomachines?

The Cyber-Genetic blood
in your Musical Headroom.