Awakenings 2007 volume 2.5 by Awakenings


Awakenings 2007 volume 2.5

7 tracks

Running time: 1:10:09
Released: 12/2007

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  01   (removed) - 0:01

  02   Architexture - Shores of Orion - 12:46
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  03   4m33s - Picoseconds - 11:11
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  04   Phrozenlight - Starkraut - 17:03
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  05   Russell Storey - Carinae - 13:08
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  06   Rene van der Wouden - North Sea Ambient - 9:19
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  07   HyperEx Machina - Dead (JS mix) - 6:41
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This album comprises Ambient tracks, featuring many artists including ...
Rene van der Wouden
Russell Storey

Review by David Law ...

Architexture's 'Shores of Orion'. A very nice acoustic guitar type lead shines over some drifting whooshing backing. A repeated melodic motif creates a rather hypnotic focus as the track just continues on, providing a sedate soothing atmos.

The pace quickens a little for Picoseconds' by 4m33s. A rapid staccato sequence (a nice melodic one at that) bounds forward from the very first second. Other note droplets fall then echo like a gentle rain falling on a puddle. The sequence fades away leaving the droplets but soon other echoing sounds, almost like a train as if heard from far away, become the main feature. The initial sequence re-emerges as the track runs its duration.

Phrozenlight's 'Starkraut' is well named as it is all rather 'stark' and dark, being a montage of windy and eerie sounds. Very much a piece of music in the truest ambient tradition as is Russell Storey's 'Carinae'. Quite a storm of electronic rumbles and whooshes is served up. A pulse, almost like a warning beacon, rings out then isappears. Things start to become calmer but still with an uneasy edge to proceedings.

Rene van der Wouden's 'North Sea Ambient' on the other hand is a much warmer and lusher affair.

HyperEx Machina's 'Dead (JS mix)' is a track which will divide EM fans as it is basically a monologue about the inequalities of the planet set over melancholy synth backing (good guitar solo too). Must admit that the text really ain't bad at all but some people will just reject any vocals in their music out of hand, which in this case would be a real shame.


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