Phaeton's Last Days by Phrozenlight


Phaeton's Last Days

11 tracks

Running time: 3:22:06
Released: 10/2011

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  01   Phaeton The Lost Planet _ An Ancient World That Perished - 50:37
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  02   Colliding Meteors Beyond The Orionites And Sirians - 17:49
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  03   Smoking Warlords Crossing The Burning Horizons Of The Exploded Planet Of Phaeton - 15:34
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  04   Cosmic Clouds Around Phaeton - 20:30
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  05   With 90 Bpm To The Centre - 16:16
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  06   Forget All Your Knowledge - 14:01
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  07   Reading And Fantasizing - 18:01
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  08   Bringer Of Simple Pleasures - 13:42
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  09   Last Minutes Before The Resurrection Of An Angel - 14:57
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  10   Sonntagabend Die Vollmond Scheint Wir Setzen Das Radio An - 8:29
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  11   For Dirk - 12:10
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More Info

Greek "gods" and planets

Ancient Greeks were known to observe planets quite diligently, because they believed that "gods" traversed the skies and navigated between stars in cosmos.

Planets are quite easy to distinguish from stars, because they "move" with respect to the "fixed" pattern of stars and constellations that ancient Greeks called "cosmos". The word cosmos means "pattern" or "ornament" in ancient Greek.

Names that ancient Greeks gave to planets are still in use today. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are all names of ancient Greek "gods". There has never been any doubt which planet was which.

Phaeton - Son of Helios (Son of Sun)

Greeks know that some time ago there existed a planet called Phaeton, that does not exist today, because it perished in a flash.

In ancient Greek the meaning of the word Phaeton is "shiny", "luminous", "source of light". Words "photon" and "Phaeton" originate from the same ancient Greek root.

Phaeton was considered by Greeks "a son of Helios" (son of Sun), due to its extreme brightness in comparison to all other "gods".

The name and status given to Phaeton confirms beyond doubt that Phaeton was one of the brightest and the most prominent objects in the sky at night. As a "Son of Sun" Phaeton was as prominent during the night as Sun was during the day. There is no possibility that Phaeton was an asteroid, meteorite or some cometary debris. Phaeton was definitely a planet.

"Bringer Of Simple Pleasures" is created around some sounds of Michael Brückner.
This will be the start of a new collaboration. More news will follow ;)