Soundtrack for City Living by Geigertek


Soundtrack for City Living

8 tracks

Running time: 1:05:46
Released: 10/2011

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  01   Beyond the Garden - 11:31
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  02   Beauty in Decay - 9:15
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  03   Underpass - 8:21
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  04   Devil May Care - 5:17
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  05   Moonlight Interlude - 4:50
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  06   A Rainfall Moment - 7:45
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  07   West 9 - 12:38
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  08   Fast Lane - 6:09
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More Info

Geigertek continues his musical evolution with this fine offering of stylized electronic music that perfectly captures the feeling and mood of a modern cityscape at night. The music is a quantum leap forward from his previous releases with the rhythmic, and at times almost sensual, approach to the esoteric soundscapes guiding the listener through the vibrant nightlife of an imaginary city on a variety of emotions. The album retains Geigertek's melodic, classical approach but the music is now infused with a more mature and at times darker, moodier edge. A varied and hugely interesting album that includes a stunning version of John Foxx's Underpass. Highly recommended!