Moons by Octahedra



4 tracks

Running time: 0:17:36
Released: 12/2005

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  01   Io - 3:45
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  02   Europa - 3:14
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  03   Ganymede - 5:26
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  04   Callisto - 5:11
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More Info

This EP was inspired by the four largest moons of Jupiter, discovered independently by Galileo and Simon Marius in 1610, and named by Marius. With the photographs from the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft, we now have a good idea of what it would actually be like to visit them...

All four tracks use exactly the same chord sequence - the idea being to evoke the differences between these places purely by musical style. The length of each track is fixed by the size of its moon.

The stones on the cover were found on the beach at Crosby, Merseyside, UK, where an entire street of houses was abandoned and eventually destroyed by the sea. Parts of the beach are literally pink from all the old bricks.

Gapless playback is really important for this EP, so remember to disable pauses between tracks when burning to CD.