Celestial Glister by nachtricht


Celestial Glister

10 tracks

Running time: 1:15:23
Released: 10/2011

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  01   Barnard's Loop - 9:45
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  02   Ambartsumian's Knot - 9:00
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  03   Blinking Planetary - 9:00
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  04   Bubble Nebula - 6:46
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  05   Cygnus Loop - 7:18
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  06   Eight Burst Planetary - 7:40

  07   Zwicky's Triplet - 7:07

  08   Arp's Galaxy - 6:56

  09   Centaurus Chain - 5:39

  10   Intergalactic Wanderer - 6:12

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nachtricht, the celestial navigator, takes us beyond our Milky Way galaxy into deep space where no man has been, and when and if he does he will have become unrecognizable as we know him. Out in that deep sky we circumnavigate ten heavenly entities, whose gyrations throw us now into seas of fury, now into quiet, still calms, as of rock pools, wherein we can ponder endlessly that which lies beyond man's touch and knowledge, a place where Gottsching meets Rother and Moebius, overseen by nachtricht guitar, weaving its way amongst the detritus of the universe, now cool, now hot, now calm, now rhythmic, propelled by the forces of nature as much as by man's rocket engines arps, sequences and pads abound out there in the cold darkness, lit only by the gradually expiring furnaces of distant suns confined by time's continuum, we seemingly drift effortlessly past lagoons of acid whose colours elude us, but whose vapours we know we cannot breathe, yet always we are suspended by the torque of the forces of space - yet another eon, and another journey...