Timestorm by Peter Tedstone

Peter Tedstone


5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:34
Released: 11/2007

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  01   Twilight - 2:18

  02   Monoceros - 9:15

  03   Oscillator - 13:57

  04   Emulating - 22:06

  05   Timestorm - 21:58
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This is the second in Peter's "Time" series of Berlin School albums.
All three are available here on MusicZeit.
Read the reviews for an idea of what it's like, Berlin School and some.

Review by Davis Law

His last album 'Timeslip' proved very popular with SMD customers so I am delighted that we can now offer you what I assume is the follow up - and a real cracker it is too. A lovely little flutey melody floats above some excellent windy sounds creating quite a peaceful setting for the short intro 'Twilight'. Things turn a little darker for 'Monoceros'. Ominous drones provide a backing for a lovely thick bass sequence and mellotron. Initially the timing is quite curious but before long another sequence surges to the surface along with a steady rhythm and superb lead line. What a belter! Bet it would sound great live.

'Oscillator' makes more use of lovely lush 'tron' right from the outset. As we progress things become increasingly moody. By the third minute a slow percussive rhythm starts up punctuating the multi layered mellotron. Another stonking sequence makes an entrance and I'm now reminded of 'Encore' period Tangerine Dream. The sequence steps up a gear and a second falls into formation with the first. We keep getting breaks in the intensity providing a little light and shade.

Yet more mellotron introduces 'Emulating'. A flutey melody floats through the ether and gentle piano touches sooth the peaceful atmos still further. A rumbling sequence emerges in the third minute then things get decidedly moody with the introduction of slow drums. This really is beautiful stuff. A new lead cries out to the Heavens. Things change markedly in the ninth minute as a quicker sequence strikes up followed by a rather squelchy and very analogue sounding lead line - all good fun! Things change again in the twelfth minute for an interlude of just tron and piano, only for normal service to be resumed as we plough another pulsating furrow right until the end.

The title track starts with cosmic effects and crashes as if hearing the relics of an explosion light years away. The distance softens the sounds creating a lovely subtle atmospheric section. A slow melody calls out. The first sequence arrives and it's excellent - the best on the album so far. This is followed by a mellotron lead line, sequence and purposeful rhythm. Every element is spot on but the tron melody is especially exquisite. What a fantastic track to finish this superb album.


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