Voyage of Time by Kösmonaut


Voyage of Time

9 tracks

Running time: 1:06:21
Released: 09/2011

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  01   Creation Of Time - 6:51

  02   Voyage Of Time - 7:47
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  03   Celestial Communications With Godhead - 6:46

  04   Sky Ritual - 6:55

  05   Sky Burial - 8:48

  06   Prism Of The Present - 3:13

  07   Into The Blood Of The Sun - 7:09

  08   Eagle-Bone Vision - 11:24

  09   Ingestion Of The Universe Flesh - 7:28

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"The Voyage of Time encompasses the evolution of all things. It symbolizes the eternal dance of matter with energy and the mysterious presence of consciousness. This is Kösmonaut, a lone explorer of myriad psychic vistas channeling experiential knowledge of Time's secrets into trance inducing kosmiche-electronic excursions. Time forms the very basis of all heard here, as sequences multiply, combine, fade in, fade out, all in intense astral syncopation. Motorik drum pulses ride smoothly underneath cerebral arpeggiators as audio-starlight percolates throughout the stereo field. A droning dark matter undercuts the entire ritual, and at times so dominates the procession as to approach some forbidden incantation of unspeakable forces. But balance is never lost as the trip equally embraces a frail beauty, traveling into blissful fields of sun-dappled harmony. These are the sounds of Time a dimension moving ever forward, ever backward, and always out of reach."