Voyager by Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent


11 tracks

Running time: 1:12:12
Released: 11/1996

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  01   Overture Voyager - 3:31
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  02   Ritual - 8:23
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  03   Return Of The Dreamtime - 5:22
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  04   The Gate - 5:13
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  05   Growing From Imagination - 10:09
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  06   Wind, Rain And Thunder - 6:06
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  07   Remnants - 4:27
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  08   Visualities Labored For Thousands Of Years - 10:20
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  09   Final Voyager - 5:53
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  10   Dreams And Darkness - 3:08
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  11   Elohim - 9:40
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SynGate CD-R RS02

- originally released in 1996 -

(In 1996 the CD) 'Voyager' is split into three long pieces, 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'. 'Past' starts with a rather sweet tinkling piano and strings section. Not at all what I expected so I reach to see if I had put the correct CD in the machine. Just as I was doing this the whole thing comes to a shuddering halt amongst a mass of noise and chaos. This proved an extremely effective beginning. The chaos subsides and some deep space chords take over. After a couple of minutes these are joined by a rather restrained drum sequence which mutates and builds, really holding the attention. A more conventional 70s style sequence is then superimposed over the top which fades away as the underlying sequence builds still further, this really is riveting stuff. Calm returns and we are left to float for a few minutes before another drum sequence returns slightly in Steve Roach mode but more strident. A couple of minutes later it is all change again and an AirSculpture-ish sequences is introduced with a superb melody played over the top. The sequence quickens and the drums return accompanied by some sampled vocals low in the mix which bring the track to a close. 
'Present' is heralded by a thunder storm which fades away to reveal another superb 70s sequence of outstanding quality, very much in the Klaus Schulze circa 'Body Love' to 'X' era. A wonderful lead line is introduced and we have a piece that is now so close to Klaus that I know I could play it to most of his fans and they would believe that it was a long lost classic. I know I would have believed it. A reviewer must be very careful with superlatives as they tend to leave him with no where to go in other album reviews but this really must go down as one of my favourite all time pieces, stunning, stunning, stunning! After eight minutes the thunder storm returns and signals the end of the sequence which is replaced by machine like noises which after a couple of minutes are themselves replaced by the most stunning relaxed lead line which just doesn't last long enough for me before all is change again and another beautiful melody comes to the for, as heart felt as John Dyson at his best but again after another couple of minutes all is change. More ideas are used in this one CD than some artists come up with in a ten year career. A heavy bass beat enters which brings the track to its close. 
The third track 'Future' at only 18 minutes is the shortest of the three and initially returns us to deep space. Another superb sequence builds and again this isn't a million miles away from Schulze. After about nine minutes this sequence fades away and is replaced by a thudding base beat and Tangerine Dream-ish sequence. If I was driving this would have my accelerator pedal right down to the floor. We have a few seconds break and the beat returns until a couple of minutes from the end where tranquil themes take over and another clap of thunder brings us to the finish. There is so much in this CD that there is no way that more than a fraction of its contents can be appreciated on first listen. This review is being written while I play it for the fifth time. I love it even more than before and am still discovering new aspects of it for the first time. If this album doesn't go down as an all time classic there really is no justice in the world. (DL)