Lichtdruck by Pete Farn

Pete Farn


4 tracks

Running time: 1:06:13
Released: 01/2011

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  01   Met(a)-All - 10:40
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  02   Yeti - 17:15
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  03   Ambient Noize - 12:37
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  04   Lichtdruck - 25:41
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SynGate CD-R PF08

How to file this music: Classic Electronic Music? Dark Ambient? "Neue Musik"?, Ethno? Zen-Music? Minimal-Art? - For "Lichtdruck" (pressure of light) not only classic Synthesizer-Equipment was used but also Cello, Cymbal, Voice and Violin add some "bended" nature sounds. But it is still electronic music whereby soundbending and digital sound-processing stays in the very foreground. - Zen-Koan 2011: "Can you hear the sound of a violin without strings?"