A Planet's Symphony by Traumklang


A Planet's Symphony

5 tracks

Running time: 1:14:03
Released: 07/1996

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  01   Movement 1 - 18:21
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  02   Movement 2 - 9:35
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  03   Movement 3 - 3:58
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  04   Movement 4 - 22:31
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  05   Space Adventure (Remix) - 19:38
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SynGate CD-R TK07

- originally released in 1996 -

Carola (Kern) Zauchner is the mastermind behind Traumklang. So the former solo character of this album was replaced simply by Traumklang. 'Space Adventure' is remixed in 2010 and appears in its original version together with the previous track 4 'Hintergrundrauschen' on the original 'Space Adventure' CD-R (TK05).
All the tracks on this album were recorded and mixed using analog equipment. It seems that Carola Kern set out to produce an album which had a "hands on, organic" feel and in this respect she has certainly succeeded. The opening 4 pieces are titled 'Movement 1 - 4' and vary in length between 22½ minutes and 4 minutes, and the music is characterised by long drawn out textures of sound. Droning synths and elongated pads merge seamlessly, creating some great atmospheric images. There is not a sequence or lead melody in sight. This is ambient music in its pure form.
No beats, no rhythms, just drifting soundscapes to keep you company - though the feelings generated are often ones of isolation. The sound is often spiced up with excellent effects and noises, picked out in classic oscillating fashion. Comparisons are many. Ian Boddy's 'Continuum' often comes to mind, and some parts could easily pass for unsequenced AirSculpture. The music does bring to mind a journey away from our planet, and fans of Space Music in its raw form should find the trip very satisfactory.