Narrow Lane by Free System Projekt

Free System Projekt

Narrow Lane

2 tracks

Running time: 1:18:02
Released: 04/2008

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  01   Narrow Lane part I - 29:10
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  02   Narrow Lane part II - 48:52
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Wonderful deep dark drones, like some
alien craft coming in to land, are
juxtapositioned by soft eerie mellotron.
This would have felt right at home on
Tangerine Dream's 'Sorcerer' album.
Atmospheric starts are nothing new to a
Berlin School style track but this really
is top draw stuff which sets us up nicely
for the absolutely astonishingly awesome
Rubycon style sequence. It weaves and
morphs this way and that supported by the
most gorgeous backing embellished by soft
flutey synth. The sequence moves up a
couple of registers, becoming increasingly
manic as it does so (by now there is also
many an Encore element) before descending
to multi layered mellotron bliss. This
gives way to tinkling spaced out
electronics before the bludgeoning bass
sequence rumbles forward once more like an
unstoppable force. So that's the short,
almost half our opener which lines us up
nicely for the mammoth forty eight minute
second part.

Windy effects blow from the speakers. A
slow lead appears over deep
reverberating drones as the storm departs.
This is all rather melancholy stuff. Tron
and spooky effects give quite an
unsettling feel as rapid pulsations slowly
bubble to the surface gradually developing
into the inevitable sequencer line which,
once again, really makes the ground shake.
Secondary supporting sequences weave in
and out of the mix keeping the excitement
high. Things become more intense by the
second resulting in a fantastic avalanche
of notes. There is the occasional ebb and
flow but for the most part this is one
hundred mile an hour, foot to the floor
stuff. We get a breather and a return to
windy effects at around the twenty-minute
mark. This time it's all rather soothing.
Tinkling electronics act as the messenger
for a slow deep heart beat type pulse,
backed by yet more mellotron, then an
absolutely fantastic lead. It really is
a dead ringer for something from a TD
album but I can't place it (though
probably from Sorcerer or Encore).
Whatever, it fits the mood perfectly. We
then get more atmospherics that are
initially rather tranquil before becoming
increasingly manic. Sequences return,
slowly building into another rock steady
pattern, similar leads to before doing the
honours over the top.

This album, as with 'Atmospheric
Conditions', very much sees the
guys in mid 70s inspired Tangerine Dream
territory. The first part was recorded at
the National Space Centre in 2006 while
the second came from their 2007 Hampshire
Jam performance. (DL)