Quantum Generation by Leonardo


Quantum Generation

8 tracks

Running time: 0:47:09
Released: 09/2011

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  01   All of me - 5:41
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  02   Eternal queen - 6:52
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  03   Cosmic love - 4:21
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  04   Remembering - 7:37
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  05   Robotic - 4:32
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  06   After the storm - 7:31
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  07   Longing - 4:47
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  08   So long, my friend - 5:48
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More Info

In this music I tried to include a different quality by introducing (processed) vocals. In essence it is an electronic album to me, although I’m aware of the difficulty of putting vocals and electric guitar in because it scares of the people that are into strictly electronic.... At the same time it enhances and excites the otherwise instrumental electronic music which is very boring to many people. Nevertheless this album is in it’s own right and has great appeal because of the interaction of instrumental electronic, ambient, vocal and electric guitar elements. On this album new renditions of some old songs are included, namely the instrumental synthesized Cosmic Love, electric guitar and vocoder fueled Robotic and dance track Eternal Queen. The latter I’ve done many times one instrumental version (followed by ‘Surrender’as a ten minute dance track) still holds up. In fact Quantum Generation has a long history because I’ve been flirting with it’s elements a long time.