Samsara by Leonardo Soundweaver

Leonardo Soundweaver


7 tracks

Running time: 0:51:11
Released: 09/2011

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  01   Awakening - 7:27
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  02   In search of Buddha part 1 - 5:22
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  03   In search of Buddha part2 - 4:03
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  04   Meditation (Fractals) - 11:16
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  05   Electronic guru - 10:27
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  06   Back to karma - 7:01
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  07   Forward - 5:35
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More Info

Samsara came after visiting some spiritual centres in the Netherlands. Maybe it can be called 'a spiritual album' it is true, but in a broader sense all my albums are spiritual. With this album the roots can be traced directly, that's all. Spirituality, in a musical sense, it has everything to do with resonance. In this case I was resonating with the impressions, seen and unseen, caused by visits to places where people meet and connect with a deep ancient spiritual path. We went there with our Yoga teacher, just to have a look and an impression. And out of curiousity!