Dharma by Leonardo Soundweaver

Leonardo Soundweaver


8 tracks

Running time: 0:47:51
Released: 09/2011

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  01   Mantra - 5:13
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  02   Shambala - 10:10
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  03   Creation - 5:27
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  04   Dna - 5:09
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  05   Machines - 6:19
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  06   Prana - 5:19
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  07   Philos - 4:27
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  08   Cirkel - 5:47
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More Info

Dharma I made soon after I finished Origine. I would say that it is more clear and a bit less spaced out. In my mind it’s also simpler, but having said so I have to deny that right away. The songs are relatively short, but inside the songs a lot is going on in terms of sound synthesis as well as the programming and choice of sound. There are also more ‘concrete sounds’ on the album, field recordings. The music didn’t take long to present itself and that may be the reason that the album sounds so fresh. There are also some poppy synthi-songs that are on the edge of painful, but I think I managed to just keep them within the non-defined musical no-go area. It was fun making them!
There’s plenty of sci-fi, or how would you call it, going on. Nice imaginary soundscapes, swirling melodies, and strange changing coloursounds...Dharma was something I had to do....