Electronic Reality by Leonardo Soundweaver

Leonardo Soundweaver

Electronic Reality

9 tracks

Running time: 0:43:55
Released: 09/2011

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  01   Cosmic warming part 1 - 4:51
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  02   Cosmic warming part 2 - 4:13
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  03   Cosmic warming part 3 - 2:20
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  04   Landing - 4:47
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  05   Essence - 6:06
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  06   Return - 7:25
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  07   Moonsong - 5:19
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  08   Silver - 4:23
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  09   Reflection - 4:31
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More Info

At first glance Electronic Reality might strike you as an odd album. It is the fourth album of my early days, when I was very much into electronic stuff. (After the first one, ‘Origine’, came ‘Dharma’ and ‘Samsara’) When I started working on E.R. my studio at the time had ripened, and I knew which possibilities I had within this micro cosmos. Lots of ideas that filled my head had found their way into the previous albums, and now I had the right peace of mind for my next musical adventure.
My aim was to make it pleasant sounding, old and new at the same time. There are beautiful melodies and sountextures inside the music that remind me of the early ages of electronic music, with the playfulness, humor and simplicity alongside the futuristic and experimental vibe it had in those days. It is colourfull.
For me to create this album was a natural and very rewarding experience. I really put effort in finding the right sounds, and because of that the album never bores me. All the sounds come from real synthesizers, organs, a tiny bit of electric guitar and a drum computer. Recording and mixing I did with the help of a computer, 16 bit, ofcourse. In retrospective it was all very pure and simple in comparison to the complex virtual studio environment I work in nowadays. Back then it was all high tech for me...
When I hear the album now it indeed sounds rather old, but at the same time it’s music that couldn’t have existed, let’s say 40 years ago...