Chaotic Attraction by Glyn Lloyd-Jones

Glyn Lloyd-Jones

Chaotic Attraction

4 tracks

Running time: 0:58:08
Released: 05/2011

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  01   Reflections of Perpetual Abstraction - 22:12
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  02   A Post Apocalyptic Picnic - 11:18
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  03   Chaotic Attraction - 9:45
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  04   The Dimensions of an Impossible Perspective - 14:53
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Glyn Lloyd-Jones's albums have always been a regular feature on my playlists. His combination of melodic infection and sequential interplay is "ground zero" in terms of my personal musical tastes. Glyn has an unmistakable palette of sounds, and approach, typified on his magnificent albums 'Ri' and 'Icesteps'. The great news for fans of those albums is that for this latest venture, the bloodline of those wondrous 80's outings is very evident indeed.

'Reflections of Perpetual Abstraction' opens proceedings with absolutely sensational, poignant, sweeping symphonics which had my spine tingling from the first moment I heard it. The way it builds, and the careful selection of synth layers, is breathtaking. And the melody is wonderful, beautifully transferring to the sequential detail which appears at the 8 minute mark. The track then develops into an absolutely classic GLJ piece with all the twists, turns and infection we come to expect. The track gradually winds down at the 15 minute mark, only to shapeshift in another direction a few minutes later. Yet another infectious masterpiece, and I defy anyone not to be completely hooked by the slightly atonal sequential detail. What a brilliant track!

'Post Apocalyptic Picnic' has a tough act to follow but does it with aplomb. Choral sounds are sequenced to form the backdrop to a delicate opening which expertly builds in momentum and intricacy, where yet again classic GLJ trickery comes to the fore.

'Chaotic Attraction' gets straight down to business with a classic 80's synth-pop beat which drives along another great piece, the highlight being the brilliant synth solo's which weave in and out of the structure.

'The Dimensions of an Impossible Perspective' has a more dramatic feel but is still delivered in the style of the previous tracks, and the synth themes to close are totally breathtaking.

What an absolutely fantastic album this is! If you are a fan of GLJ's earlier albums, this will completely knock you out. I'm off to listen to it again! (GG)