Gravitational Waves (EP) by Javi Canovas

Javi Canovas

Gravitational Waves (EP)

3 tracks

Running time: 0:28:05
Released: 04/2011

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  01   Solar Dome - 11:52
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  02   Elephant Trunks in Space - 9:07
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  03   Dispersion - 7:06
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Javi returns to his roots for this superb Berlin School styled EP. Little echoing note droplets, like rays of light shining trough a dense overhead canopy, give a pleasant start to ‘Solar Dome’. A simply awesome bass laden sequence then becomes the main feature. A second higher register sequence erupts through the storm clouds and we surge forward on an incredible exciting wave of pure energy. Mellotron is used subtly as the rapid pulsations morph, having an understated melodic quality all of their own. The bass line is always there but surges to even greater prominence from time to time. Oh my goodness- what an opener. ‘Elephant Trunks in Space’ must be one of the more bizarre titles to a track. We have an appropriately cosmic beginning. Deep sighing drones come in but then, as with the opener, another amazing deep sequence makes an entrance. Turn up the volume and feel the ground shake (might be an idea to check your insurance policy covers music induced earthquake first!). More percussive note patterns chatter away in the background, like objects falling from shelves, and then the most gorgeous tron makes an entrance, as if sun is shinning through the slowly settling dust. A further sequence, this time quite melodic, darts this way and that. This is absolutely incredible- yet another highlight in Javi’s list of creations. I must admit I was going to say this is one of his best tracks ever but I think I have already put this many times in reviews of his music in the past. ‘Dispersion’ begins with twittering effects. A slow melancholy melodic loop emerges, backed by moody flutey synth. Two sequences materialize together covering all areas of the sonic spectrum from those frequencies you feel rather than hear to the ones ideal for solo duties. The surrounding pads provide the ideal setting for such a complex picture of weaving notes. As with the other two numbers this is incredibly powerful stuff but this time there is also a sort of moody undercurrent. If you like your mid to late 70s style sequences these three tracks are essential listening. (DFL)