Aureal by Javi Canovas

Javi Canovas


13 tracks

Running time: 1:10:42
Released: 04/2011

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  01   Open Flux - 5:12
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  02   Perception - 5:56
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  03   Aeternus - 4:48

  04   Empty Memory - 6:02

  05   Downfall - 5:36

  06   Echoes from the Dryland - 4:36

  07   Fractal Dimension - 5:42

  08   Age of Irreality - 5:16

  09   Aureal - 5:42
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  10   Aureal II - 5:18
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  11   Aureal III - 7:12

  12   Aureal IV - 5:12

  13   Aureal V - 4:10

More Info

‘Open Flux’ is something of a scene setter. It’s as if dawn is breaking over a misty landscape. ‘Perception’ gets underway with beautiful plucked strings hanging in the air then decaying into the distance. Lush, warm backing adding a shimmering heat haze. Things take a decidedly dark twist for ‘Aeternus’, the sun going behind a mountain, leaving the valley in shadow. ‘Empty Memory’ takes us back to warmer realms but this time with a hint of sadness. Things are peaceful but somehow not as they were. Something is missing. ‘Downfall’ doesn’t lift the mood but to me provides a meditative atmosphere from which answers can come. ‘Echoes from the Dryland’ is a beautiful number with gorgeous flute drifting over a lush reverberating backing. Maybe we now have peace of mind and are moving on. ‘Fractal Dimensions’ drifts along pleasantly enough. We get to another flute lead piece, ‘Age of Irreality’. The mood is similar to ‘Echoes…’ but with a hint of sadness. So far all the tracks seem to have gone together as different chapters of the same story. We now move on to a new quest for the five-part title track. The opening section fizzes into life then settles down to a moody soundscape where unpleasant things could be lurking in the mist. The second part uses the most exquisite combination of sounds with bubbling effects giving it all a rather primordial swamp like feel a bit like a slightly more melodic version of ‘Zeit’. I absolutely loved it. The next section is brighter with a slow lead meandering around warmer shimmers. The fourth is like an approaching storm with chollyThe final chapter has a subtle melodic quality and overall is all rather tranquil and dreamy. It’s a lovely way to finish a gorgeous album. Javi may be well known for his Berlin School outings but this album is a real must for Robert Rich fans, especially Aureal 1 to 5. (DFL)