The Day the Earth melted by Temps Perdu?

Temps Perdu?

The Day the Earth melted

1 tracks

Running time: 0:20:48
Released: 11/1996

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  01   The Day the Earth melted - 20:48
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"The Day the Earth Melted" is one of the hottest atmospheres ever recorded. Temps Perdu? is one of the hottest ensembles ever to record. Stephen Hill used the dark and lush desert soundscape to close his Hearts of Space program dedicated to the genre in July of 1999. It was an appropriate choice. Temps Perdu? product is difficult - damn near impossible - to get. This three inch CD is their best recording and is still readily available. The music is gently rhythmic, slowly minimalist and quietly ambient. Succinctly, it smokes!"

Jim Brenholts, author of "Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music" due for publication in May, 2001 2/18/2001 (This review is included in the book.)

What great title from Temps Perdu?, another one of those quirky 3inch CDs, again having trouble prizing out the disc. The music as with the others in this series is of a ambient/Environmental sound. Just one long track over 20 minutes long making you believe your on the wrong planet, shifting massive amounts of air, resonating, pulsating in a deeply rooted atmospheric trance. I always find these sounds so fascinating and mysterious which puts them in a cosmic perspective, the energy retained throughout delivers a hidden depth of subdue yet thought provoking nuances, and is a crossroads for planetary communications between an ocean of intellectual beings swallowed up in a universe of wandering souls. Music of this quality will never age, having a overwhelming impression to bathe us in a world whose limits are infinite, only the few are privileged to form such a bond with the cycle of pure liquid waves that stand before us, evolving a quite different form, equally human yet spiritually alien. If like me you immerse yourself in the music of such great masters as Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Vidna Obmana and many more like them, then you must appreciate the enormous potential such challenging sounds can do to move the human spirit.
Sequences / UK - Issue n° 18 - Mick Garlick