Earth Story by Temps Perdu?

Temps Perdu?

Earth Story

6 tracks

Running time: 1:03:58
Released: 12/2000

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  01   Woven Spirit - 18:17
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  02   The patterned Flow - 13:15
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  03   Timanfaya - 8:28
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  04   Spiral - 8:17
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  05   Subterranean Sources - 6:13
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  06   Eclipse - 9:28
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More Info

"This year-2000 release from the Dusseldorf-based husband and wife team known as Temps Perdu? brings the full gamut of ethno-electro tribal ambient obsessions into play. It's like a flowing ride along a snaking river, where ethnic influenced electronic trance grooves come and go, as do a plethora of synth textures, organic sounds and instruments. Evidence of an earlier trip to the Timeroom, along with the influence of Jorge Reyes and Suspended Memories, is undeniable but this not clone zone music, as they feel it in their own way, and bring an evocative voice to the tribal gathering."

On "Earth Story", Temps Perdu? continues their sonic exploration into our planet's relationship with time. From the subterranean molten churning of the disc's opening sections, to the warm equilibrium established within the album's body and on to a somber resignation at album's end, Temps Perdu? uses the vocabulary of a seemingly borderless genre to intelligently portray the ineffable concept of time measured in epochs and a planet's apparent evolution. As epic as these proportions seem, the CD's pace is never too far ahead of our grasp. Temps Perdu? uses transcultural percussion loops, dynamic synth arrangements and forth world atmospherics to get their point across. "Earth Story" also offers a formidable range of emotion a beginning's frightening power, steady expansion to solidity and the grave uncertainty ahead. The album is active not only in amplitude but in mood as well and the shifts between energies and emotional content are wonderfully proficient and sensible. The duo are skilled at crafting their ideas into music and have produced these elements into a striking sonic timeline. This album is the attempt by Temps Perdu? at expressing the manner in which they feel the world, the "Earth Story".
Chuck van Zyl, Stars End Radio (USA)