Terra Incognita by Temps Perdu?

Temps Perdu?

Terra Incognita

9 tracks

Running time: 1:07:14
Released: 10/1995

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  01   Desert Horizon - 8:23
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  02   Terra Incognita - 8:01
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  03   Gravitation Trance - 7:54
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  04   Firewalk - 4:44
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  05   Beneath the Surface - 7:24
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  06   Dance of the Insects - 7:23
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  07   Sonoran Night - 8:25
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  08   Sundown Sky - 6:37
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  09   29 Palms - 8:23
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More Info

"Terra Incognita" consists of dark-exotic-ambient soundscapes, earthy cyber-ethno rhythms, spheric flutes, warm washes of electronics and new experimental sounds; from cyber-atmospheres, to alien tribal-ambience. Music influenced by the mysterious world of ancient cultures, deep space, past and future artifacts.

"Since our debut album "Athanor" (Timebase 1993) we have travelled extensively across many lands of varying textures and traditions. Whether exploring the remote volcanic wasteland of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, or roaming the arid deserts of Arizona, California and Egypt, these encounters inspired our music and resonate in every part of it. Other influences include knowledge gained about ancient cultures and archetypes, together with the inspiration of deep space and science fiction. Catherine & Dirk / TEMPS PERDU?

"The follow-up to this German duo´s enigmatic first album finds them indeed wrestling with concepts less far-flung and more terrestrially-grounded. Since Athanor, their globetrotting adventures, especially their sojourns into the American Southwest (which has galvanized many poets, painters and musicians alike) have left definible marks on their sensibilities and their music. Many of the rhythmic constructs here are undoubtedly influenced by Steve Roach´s pioneering world, but the incandescent environments surrounding those rhythms and the creatures inhabiting them are integral Temps Perdu?´s surreal imagery. Purring synth waves, the chatter of metallic insects praying to the last remnants of a burning sky, the whirring noise of mysterious objects hovering overhead, making groundfall... as ethnological mysticism bridges digital terrains, the paradox which emerges reveals the core of the band´s enthralling properties."
i/e N°10/96/, Darren Bergstein [USA]