Zenith by Wavestar



8 tracks

Running time: 1:07:02
Released: 01/2001

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  01   Zenith - 10:32
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  02   Gyroscopic Nutation - 3:33

  03   Chord - 3:21

  04   Melanie - 8:02

  05   Osaka Hai - 10:17
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  06   Tangent - 8:22

  07   Time Node - 10:58
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  08   Time Node(Rehearsal fro Klemdag 91) - 11:57

More Info

Wavestar's second release originally on cassette in 1985 to coincide with their very first live appearance at the UK Electronica Festival held in their home town of Sheffield. This edition re-mastered by Groove (2001)and includes as an added bonus a take from rehearsals for Kelndag 1991 of their 'usual' encore live number 'Time Node' which many fans asked to be 'available' on CD. The album is majestic in scope and all the usual Wavestar signatures are here from Dave's fantastic sequencing through to John's melodies making yet another 'classic' album and, like all their work, if this is your 'first time' all we can say is...enjoy!!!