Evolution by John Dyson

John Dyson


7 tracks

Running time: 1:04:58
Released: 04/1989


  01   IFO - 11:28
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  02   Heaven's Bridge Haydn Seek - 6:51

  03   Location43 - 6:28

  04   Return 3 - 10:34
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  05   Juan-Michel - 8:13

  06   Evolution - 10:56
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  07   Dying Eagle - 10:28

More Info

For those of you who have yet to hear John's solo work after the demise of Wavestar, then this, his very first solo album is highly recommended, and had become a classic in its own right...first released in 1989 this version from Soddett Hall and Groove Unlimited(2003)has been re-mastered and has a bonus track 'Dying Eagle' which is a 'live' performance of the track 'Eagle' from his 'Different Values' album. This 'Evolution' album shows John's styles to the full extent, from the majestic chordal structures to the powerful sequencing lines and of course as always, John's 'infectious' melodies...we're sure you'll enjoy this!! Especially if you haven't heard it before..!