i-Dentity by REMY



5 tracks

Running time: 1:32:50
Released: 04/2011

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  01   Destination Berlin - 11:23
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  02   Destination Berlin - 20:39
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  03   Destination Berlin - 19:08
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  04   i-Dentity - 24:15
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  05   Vulnerable - 17:25
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More Info

This album contains recordings of Remy’s performance at the 11th Ricochet Gathering, Berlin (Germany) on October 16th, 2010. During this concert, Remy played 60 minutes of music, of which “Destination: Berlin - part 1” and “Destination: Berlin - part 3” are unedited live recordings.
The basic track of “Destination: Berlin - part 2” was also performed live. However, Bill Fox’ appearance was decided on the very last moment before the performance, so due to technical reasons no multi-track recordings of his contribution were made. For this release, the track has been slightly re-edited and features newly recorded parts by Bill Fox.
The title track “i-Dentity” consists of two parts, of which the second part features contributions by (in order of appearance) Gert Emmens, Synth.nl, Erik Wøllo and Francis Rimbert.

“Vulnerable” is an exclusive MusicZeit-only track!

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