A Diary Of Occurrences by The Glimmer Room

The Glimmer Room

A Diary Of Occurrences

7 tracks

Running time: 0:30:12
Released: 12/2010

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  01   1863 - 6:38

  02   The View From The Summerhouse - 4:07
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  03   Marianne, Please Get Help - 3:56

  04   Sunex Amures - 2:21
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  05   The Postern Gate - 4:48

  06   A Diary Of Occurrences - 3:28
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  07   We Walked With Marie Lairre - 4:54
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More Info

A Diary of Occurrences EP is a collection of 7 tracks each composed to reflect an atmosphere or memory. Working again with loop based and system based composition techniques, The Glimmer Room have come up with the perfect antidote to the relative starkness of the previous album I Remain. The light and sometimes-playful melodies float over a dreamy bed of recorded loops and sound manipulation, giving A Diary of Occurrences a very blurred, melancholic and distant atmosphere.

“The main inspiration for this recording started with a dream I’d had, wherein I lived in a big and old rambling house that was set very much in keeping with a early 1900’s country house. This developed into a fascination with the inhabitants of the house and the stories and the memories that by now are lost in time forever”.

Andy C Nov 2010