Songs From The Engine Room Part One by The Jupiter 8

The Jupiter 8

Songs From The Engine Room Part One

3 tracks

Running time: 0:55:59
Released: 10/2005

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  01   Fifth Blob From The Sun - 16:56
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  02   Sea Of Tranquility - 14:41

  03   Red Spot - 24:22

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The bio in the liner notes and on his webpage gives little information on who the mysterious Jupiter 8 is, but I can say that I certainly enjoy this CD, featuring three lengthy sonic excursions in what he calls a "short jaunt around our solar system." It is one of the coolest hybrids of retro and modern electronica and rock that I've heard in some time. Hypnotic sequencing asserts itself right away to start "Fifth Blob From The Sun" (love that title!), a 17-minute journey where both the beat and the bass line sound much more rock-oriented than I anticipated, but it totally works along with the space music synthesizers going on around it. Layer upon layer builds in a mesmerizing manner, setting up a strong groove that moves things along at just the right clip. "Sea of Tranquility" has an even cooler rhythm line, sort of mechanical or industrial sounding, like a slowly chugging steam engine. Warbling synths float over the top, then a stuttering bass line takes up residence
as well. Once again the combination proves unique and irresistible. This one is more laid back than the first but no less enjoyable. As if that isn't enough, "Red Spot" provides the 24-minute piece de resistance. Simple chords are played sparsely over spacey electronics, and then the beat asserts itself strongly once again, this time with crisp, brisk percussion. The bass line is active, almost jazz-like, an unexpected twist that works. Later on, the percussion moves forward as the other elements drop out, leaving it to subtly shift as it pans back and forth, before the bass and beats return. Later on the percussion gives way and the bass takes its turn, doubling up on itself in a somewhat spastic manner but at this point I'm hooked and willing to go about anywhere The Jupiter 8 wants to take me. This is a 2005 release, where's the follow up, I want it now.

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