Storm by Paul Stokes

Paul Stokes


6 tracks

Running time: 0:20:59
Released: 11/2007

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  01   Katrina - 2:45
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  02   Sleep - 2:45
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  03   Disconnection - 4:50
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  04   The Passing - 3:43

  05   Release - 2:19

  06   Pincinthorpe Forest - 4:37
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More Info

STORM-Another album from the Emerald City Productions stable by Paul Stokes-Herbst as he is otherwise known.
This Classical album-Storm was conceived over a period of time through the observation of natural events both through the Media and in reality in the natural world. I walk a lot in forests of the local North Yorkshire Moors in all conditions! Understanding a little of how nature works and its power has enabled me to interpret I hope, the events such as Katrina-the massive hurricane in the USA, into musical form. Katrina though is more of a lament for its destructive effects upon people and nature, describing the aftermath.
Disconnection, The Passing and Release are the main section of the storm’s passage in fact written as a powerful Atlantic Storm passed overhead and dwindled one day as I was in the studio.
Sleep, may sound inconsequential but is meant to describe events prior to the storm and its fury-whilst everything seems ok!