Origine by Leonardo Soundweaver

Leonardo Soundweaver


7 tracks

Running time: 0:53:32
Released: 10/2010

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  01   Matrix - 2:55
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  02   Fairytale - 9:42
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  03   Senses - 5:35
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  04   E-breeze - 9:56
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  05   Surroundings - 6:36
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  06   Dawning - 8:42
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  07   Origine - 10:06
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More Info

Origine is an electronic album with an analogue feel. My intention at the time was to create music the way it could have been in the seventies; not to replicate it. Like a time traveler that came back from the year 2003, induced by the sounds and possibilities of that distant future.
Looking back now at Origine I'm surprised by the warm organic feel of it. It really sounds old to me, although it was made only a few years ago.