Cyberiad by Nemesis



11 tracks

Running time: 1:13:35
Released: 06/1998

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  01   Nurinperia - 5:21

  02   Servoaave - 8:06
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  03   Narsistori - 3:02

  04   Gozmoz - 6:29

  05   Tetrarkia - 15:29
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  06   Omnisapiens - 4:59
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  07   Metakone - 9:30

  08   Jumalaattori 1 - 7:39

  09   Jumalaattori 2 - 2:48

  10   Jumalaattori 3 - 5:40

  11   Jumalaattori 4 - 4:32

More Info

This is a superb album - if anything even more retro than 'Sky Archeology' and firmly enhances their reputation as a class act. The scene is set with 'Nurinperia'. A solar wind turns into a hurricane as wave upon wave of dense sound breaks from the speakers. Its all highly atmospheric but dramatic stuff. A sonic whirlpool of cosmic oblivion!

This leads into 'Servoaave' which initially uses bright metallic effects over faintly vocal pads but at under one minute in bursts a sequence and rhythm. Its absolutely stunning and very powerful but then the main melody played on a Tron comes in and all retro fans will be on cloud nine. Know what? It then gets better and better as we blast forward. You could say that its controlled mayhem. 'Narsistori' gently takes over from its predecessor with another up front gently mutating sequence but really its only a holding pattern until we get to 'Gozmoz'. Another sequence emerges out of windy sounds and insect noises. Subtle little melodies come and go giving the track an extremely Dreamy (in more than one sense of the word!) feel. Near the end the sequence dies away and we are left to drift and prepare ourselves for the fifteen minute 'Tetrarkia'. Running water can faintly be heard in the background over gentle pads but it isn't long before a nice bass sequence starts to issue forth. Then we get a melody which wouldn't have been out of place on one of Tangerine Dream's mid to late 70's albums- exquisite. In fact this whole album should have fans of 75 to 82 period TD in raptures. The sequence starts to become more strident and the underlying atmospherics swell. At three minutes in a rhythm is added which drives the track along but it isn't too intrusive.

The sequence continues to mutate throughout the track and melodically there is never a dull moment. At just over the half way mark there is superb solo which is placed in the middle of the mix so it doesn't dominate too much but even so is very dramatic. 'Omnisapiens' is a lovely piece of atmospheric picture music- its absolutely gorgeous - turn up the volume and be teleported to far distant areas of the galaxy. 'Metakone' breaks the peace by getting straight into another fast sequence which is added to and becomes even more 'stonking' by the second. It has a high PPS (pulse per second) which makes it a very exciting track and yet the melodies are played slowly giving them an even greater effect. To finish we have the twenty minute epic 'Jumalaattori'. It begins rather spookily but at about fifty seconds we get- you guessed it- the first sequence surrounded by swirling effects and high register splashes of sound. Its all rather psychedelic. All areas of the spectrum are covered and there is tons going on. It all gets rather close to sensory overload - which is of course a good thing!

Things then quieten down for a couple of minutes but sounds are so thickly layered that a feeling of excitement is retained. Whispered vocals are half heard but are unintelligible. A lovely melody plays whilst the sequences reform. The swirling backdrop becomes even more intense and we get a wonderful but awesome wall of sound through which a staccato melody can just be heard. The final few minutes gives us a chance to wind down before going back to the CD player to press play again. (DL)