Caged by Ian Boddy & Chris Carter

Ian Boddy & Chris Carter


7 tracks

Running time: 0:57:35
Released: 03/2000

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  01   Concussed - 7:55
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  02   Coriolis - 10:03
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  03   Slab - 5:12
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  04   Sub-Aura - 10:05
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  05   Disembodied - 6:22
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  06   Caged - 7:30
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  07   Underdub - 10:28
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In their first collaboration, Ian Boddy and Chris Carter have created a stunning panorama filled with the vast empty echoes of lost, imagined cities. But don't think for a moment that this is merely a collection of anonymous, ephemeral drifts and drones. Together they have produced a music of startling muscularity which fuses their concerns with form, timbre and space, forging a sound which appeals to the heart as much as the head.

Stripped back to the sparse essence of accessible dance-savvy electronica, the pair have imbued the seven tracks on Caged with a dense undercurrent of proto-dub which will thump you in the chest and rattle your window panes.

The sense of forward momentum quite literally carries the listener in a fast-moving aural travelogue where breakbeats slip and slide across time and space, tendrils of melody are twisted, subverted and converted into a kind of digital morse where the flotsam and jetsam of ghost-notes are swept in on a intense sonic tidal wave.
Caged plays around with chance and paradox - where a whisper becomes a crescendo, a beat becomes a tone, where everything is transmuted and nothing stands still.

They say expectation is a prison.
Abandon your expectations - being Caged is being free.

Ian Boddy - Modular Synths and Sample Manipulation
Chris Carter - Analogue and Digital Instruments, Devices and Software

Vocal samples courtesy of Cosey Fanni - Tutti