Now We Are Six by The Glimmer Room

The Glimmer Room

Now We Are Six

11 tracks

Running time: 1:03:28
Released: 05/2007

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  01   Fields Full Of Poppies (live 05) - 6:53

  02   707 - 7:09
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  03   Brown - 5:18

  04   One Room Flat (live 05) - 6:16

  05   Without You I Would Have No One To Leave (original version) - 2:20

  06   Hawfrost - 5:11

  07   Christmas In Jonestown - 7:07
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  08   Unknown Substance - 6:09

  09   Sweet Smell Of Cloves (macondo mix) - 3:54

  10   Every day I Die For Your Body (live 05) - 9:34
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  11   Fields Full Of Poppies (original version) - 3:37

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The idea behind this CD was to put together all the various tracks that have appeared over the last few years on various compilation releases but are not on either 'Tomorrow's Tuesday' or 'Grey Mirrors' (either at all or of the particular versions presented here). 'Fields Full of Poppies' appeared on 'Awakenings 2006 Volume 2'. From a gently syncopated beginning the most beautiful and heartrending melody emerges. This is a stunning composition that is ample proof that Electronic Music can be anything but cold and unemotional.
'707' is from 'Awakenings 2005' and is full of Eastern stylings around some lovely laid back rhythms and exquisite lead lines. Simply gorgeous. 'Brown' was written for the 'Ambient Collectives Colours' release. It starts all deep, with brooding animal type noises but it isn't long before the exciting rhythm and sequences come in, each note oozing the most wonderful melody as if looking out in awe at a spectacular landscape, cloud shadows chasing over the hills. I had never heard this track before. For it to have just remained on a scarcely heard compilation would have been a tragedy. It is a tremendous track - as good as anything on his two albums.

'One Room Flat' is from 'Awakenings 2006 Volume 1'. After a spoken intro we get a series of stunningly beautifully melodies accompanied by sedate put perfectly placed rhythms. It is a track that would have been very much at home as part of his classic 'Grey Mirrors'. Again, wonderful. 'Without you I would have no-one to Leave (Original Version)' was from the 'Two Up, Two Down' EP. It begins with answering machine messages over swirling pads. The rhythms are as usual excellent, the melodies having a sort of swirling quality to them which is quite sublime 'Hawfrost' from 'Sequences 39' is all rather moody and breathy with almost whispering melodies creating quite a wistful but also beautiful atmosphere.

'Christmas in Jonestown' is initially a collage of street noises, monastic chanting and a captivating tinkling melodic loop. More superb melodies come in one after another reaching straight for the soul. I didn't find anything particularly 'festive' about the track but it is absolutely brilliant nevertheless and to me was a particular thrill because as it was only available on the 'Arctic Christmas Sampler 2006' (which I don't have) I had never heard it before. 'Unknown Substance' is one of The Glimmer Room's most upbeat tracks, really letting rip in a way that would get me driving far too fast. Contrasting this however is the most silken of melodies, then a sort of machine gun lead line which just spits energy. One to play really loud. Apparently it was on a 'Sequences' cover disc from August 2003 which I somehow must have missed as there is no way I would have forgotten a track of this power or quality. 'Sweet Smell of Cloves (Macondo Mix)' is a version I hadn't heard before as it was from the 'Two Up, Two Down' EP. I always loved the version on 'Tomorrow's Tuesday'. Unusually it has a vocal, which often puts me off- but what a vocal! This version is VERY different to the album version, the rhythms being about five times as powerful here. The beauty of the lyrics and vocal delivery juxtaposition the beats incredibly effectively. Really not sure which version of the track I like the most, both having a radically different feel to them.

'Everyday I Die For Your Body (Live)' is really quite different to the album version. It's much moodier, the wordless vocal pads more heartrending plus there's a superb additional little melody line fitting the atmos perfectly. Rhythmically it really kicks and the guitar is a plus. This version appeared on Awakenings 2005 and if anything is even better than the studio version. 'Field Full of Poppies (Original Version)' is a radically different to the track which starts the album and has never appeared anywhere before which is quite amazing as it is a lovely track simply dripping melancholy. It is much more laid back than the live version indeed it is very easy to think that these two interpretations aren't even related. As far as I know this hasn't appeared anywhere else before.

David Law SMD