Endless Night by Geigertek


Endless Night

6 tracks

Running time: 0:29:42
Released: 09/2010

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  01   The Visitors - 4:53
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  02   This Man - 4:41
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  03   Youth - 3:53
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  04   Picture in Eyes - 6:38
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  05   Total Pain - 4:20
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  06   How Do You Dream - 5:17
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More Info

'Endless Night' is a 6 track 'EP' of original studio material with vocals, recorded for Geigertek's 2010 UK "Artificial 01" electronica concert performance. For reference, the music is in the Geigertek style of instrumental music, albeit darker and with more confident and mature arrangements plus the addition of Neil's vocals, heavily influenced by John Foxx, Kraftwerk and The Human League. The music went down a storm in concert, proving that traditional sequenced electronic music and the more contemporary vocal electronica can easily co-exist. From the opening , foot tapping and moody "The Visitors" and the equally atmospheric "This Man", with it's excellent vocoded vocals, through the up-tempo "Youth" to the frenetic climax, "How Do You Dream", Geigertek shows us a whole new side to his talents with six strong 'songs' and vocals to match, that are not only engaging, but have instant and pleasing familiarity that will have you hitting the replay button!