uber: ghosts of berlin by nachtricht


uber: ghosts of berlin

2 tracks

Running time: 2:26:34
Released: 09/2010

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  01   uber: ghosts of berlin (music & narrative) - 73:17
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  02   uber: ghosts of berlin (music only) - 73:17
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The mothership nachtricht takes you on a new journey, an old journey, of the past, of the future, and maybe even of the present, where early Orb meets System 7, a sister album to Rendlesham Lights, in style if not in subject, embracing the sights and sounds of a Berlin visited upon by other aliens, humans of a kind, with Berlin lounge guitar leaking through the bullet holes and between the footsteps...

We meet the convergent hums of richness and squalor, business and industry, drugs and sex, a continuum of cabaret that transcends the ages a morphing collage as the edges of Berlin history are purged and renewed hints of ethnic musiks of would-be Berliners – Turkish, Arabic, Jewish, amongst many others – now, and then stories of the World Wars where electronic music is birthed on the military remnants left behind after the killing, of the Cold War where men fall into the Spree just as the Spree falls into the Havel, and where people attempt to exist, and to co-exist, despite their supposed differences...