Sense + bonus by REMY


Sense + bonus

7 tracks

Running time: 1:39:48
Released: 05/2006

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  01   Being - 5:27
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  02   Destination - 16:09
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  03   Behaviour - 7:53
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  04   Maze - 19:36
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  05   Mortality - 12:47
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  06   Deja Vu - 6:56
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  07   Sense - 31:00
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More Info

2-Disc version of the "Sense" release.
Disc one contains the regular album.
Disc two contains 1 unreleased track.

All titles composed, played and produced by Remy Stroomer.
Recorded and mixed between January and April 2006 by Remy and Ewout at the AKH Studio, IJmuiden.

Lyrics by Remy.
Vocals on Maze and Déja Vu by Mattie (from Todd The Nose).
Vocals recorded at Mattie's home.

Being: piano recorded at fam. Beaujean, 04.04.2006.
Destination recorded live at the Pelibar, Leiden, 24.03.2006
Contains samples of Déja Vu.

Mastering by Ron Boots.

Artwork: Ewout Koek.

“Sense is quite an original album, at least within the spacey melodic European tradition. It does not
fall into a specific electronic category, but shows an artist with integrity who tries to think outside the
box, while still keeping his musical concepts on familiar grounds. The album’s strongest side is its epic
and wide songs that are somewhat traditional, but featuring some interestingly tweaked and unusual
sounds. Sense is a successful album that balances on the fine edge between traditionalism and experiments
within the given format.”

Glenn Folkvord / Planet Origo