Darklight by John Dyson

John Dyson


10 tracks

Running time: 1:08:25
Released: 10/2009

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  01   Leaving the Pod - 7:57
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  02   Perhaps - 5:19
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  03   Another Moon - 9:57
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  04   Blessings - 6:33
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  05   Kintyre to Skye - 8:51

  06   Zephyrs And Eddies - 5:09

  07   Retro 82 - 7:49
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  08   Showers - 4:11

  09   Heights - 2:02

  10   Darklight - 10:37
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More Info

After another slight disillusionment with the music scene, especially in the UK and with problems at his work, JD had another ‘break from it all’. He was looking after friends and family also at this time and whilst he continued to record pieces into the computer etc he did not ‘feel’ it was the right time for any further releases. This, combined with the passing of his friend, Joe, and a subsequent difficult time meant that all was ‘put on hold’.

A ‘big’ move of home to Scotland in 2004 was also a factor in this ‘quiet’ period (there were ‘too many’ wires to sort out in the studio when we got here! JD), He was invited to a ‘25th’ anniversary’ (of UKE) in Dundee (Scotland) by Andy Garibaldi in 2008 and met up with old friends. The result was that it inspired him to continue and work on material in the studio once more.

This album is the outcome and has been inspired by both the ‘always present’ question he was asked “where does your music come from as you cannot read music and are not trained?” and, as always, the wonders of the Universe. (His niece, Lynne heard him working on the title track and it inspired her to write the words for it!). JD says that perhaps this is where it comes from...maybe he’s right.