Songs From The Engine Room Part Two by The Jupiter 8

The Jupiter 8

Songs From The Engine Room Part Two

6 tracks

Running time: 0:53:03
Released: 08/2010

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  01   Signals - 13:26

  02   Return To Earth - 10:16
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  03   Time Slip Palindrome - 3:20
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  04   Half Light - 7:03
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  05   The Lost Voice Of Reason - 7:58

  06   Go Green - 11:00
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More Info

Songs from the Engine Room (Part I) saw The Jupiter 8 experimenting with the improvisational methods of early 70s electronic artists and bringing these into the 21st Century. With Songs from the Engine Room (Part II), The Jupiter 8 takes the experiment further by mixing the improvisation with structure and meta-structure.

Like its predecessor Songs from the Engine Room (Part II) takes us on a journey, this time through the highs and lows of life in the 21st Century. Each of the six tracks reflects a different mood drawing in feelings of mystery, reconciliation, dream-states, waking, despair and then euphoria.

Musically, Songs from the Engine Room (Part II) explores a wider sonic palette, hoovering up influences from electro, krautrock, psychedelia, new wave and early synth pop and then juxtaposing them in seemingly impossible ways the produce a sound which is timeless, undefinable and out there in its own space!